Office of Student Success

Carroll University’s Office of Student Success helps students stay on the right track, thrive during their time here and succeed at their academic and personal goals. We work with students facing a wide variety of challenges that may be obstacles to their success at Carroll. Whether it’s working one-to-one with the professionals in our office, or identifying other resources as appropriate, all students can benefit from our services and the personal attention and care we provide.

How we can help

  • Meet to discuss any issues or challenges a student may be facing
  • Work together to assess the situation and how it’s impacting success
  • Map out a plan
  • Refer to other offices on campus as needed
  • Follow up throughout the semester to track progress

In addition to students who seek out our help, Carroll is proactive about identifying and reaching out to students who may be struggling and need our assistance. We use several tools, including the Retention Management System (RMS), a predictive model that takes into consideration static and dynamic factors that could impact student success. The PIO Meter is a non-cognitive survey tool used to identify any potential red flags or concerns.

Student account holds, low mid-term grades, change of major and dropping a course are all factors that we monitor. Carroll is among the first campuses in the nation to offer an Office of Student Success, and has seen significant increases in rates of retention and graduation as a result.

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